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You’re Going to Get to Vote on How Much You Pay for Marijuana!

Well, kind of. The Portland City Council referred a vote on whether to implement a 3% sales tax on recreational marijuana in Portland to the ballot in November. However, the Oregon marijuana tax is going to go down from 25% to %17% in 2017, so even if Portland adds three percent, you’ll still be paying…

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Where You CAN’T Get Weed in Oregon

There’s an updated list of all the cities and counties that have put limitations on dispensaries and other marijuana businesses in Oregon. For those in the Portland metro region, you won’t be able to buy weed in Damascus, Forest Grove, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, West Linn and Wilsonville. Sorry, suburbanites! And if…

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Marijuana Edibles and Extracts Now Available Recreationally!

Starting on June 2, dispensaries that are allowed to sell recreational marijuana (like us!) are allowed to sell edibles and extracts, in addition to the cannabis flowers and pre-rolls we were already offering. However, there are some limitations on what you can buy: One low-dose edible per day. That means 15mg or less of THC…

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